Proxy Listing FAQ's For Submitters

A brief explanation of our policies and guidelines

FYI: Note - all user (Submit, Login, Register etc.) pages are protected from access by proxies, vpn's, some countries and blacklisted IP addresses to reduce the number of spam, fake, or non proxy submissions. Using a proxy or vpn to submit is not allowed.

Please note that not all proxies submitted will be accepted or approved. We have some filtering algorithms in place to try and stop the spammers and others from submitting junk sites to this list. It's not perfect however and mistakes can and do happen. If you feel your proxy site has been wrongly rejected then use the contact us page and give the error message received, it will be looked into and a solution may be found. We don't want to reject genuine proxies for no apparent reason, only discourage 'bad' ones and non-proxies (spam), it's nothing personal. Make sure you read our submission requirements (below) and our terms in full first though please, it will save us both time, and as we all know - time is money!.

Submission Guidelines For Listing Proxy Sites Here:
• We ONLY ACCEPT ACTUAL WEB PROXY SITES for listing, nothing else, no exceptions.
• We only list proxies on genuine proxy hosting not shared or free non proxy hosts.
• We don't want redirected sites (except for country/IP blocking), no iframes, meta, php etc.
• We don't want adult ads or links anywhere, on home/index or proxy pages, no exceptions.
• We don't want betting, gambling or casino type ads or links on the home/index page.
• We don't want proxies with hidden or 'click to enable' url input (browse/go/surf etc.) boxes.
• We don't want proxies with malware, viruses or illegal content, or with links to such sites.
• We don't want proxies on sub domains or in folders, only full tld's (pref. without 'www').
• We don't want any free domains i.e., .tk, etc. only paid domains please.
Any entries not adhering to the above will not be accepted and will be removed when found.

Proxies that are changed after submission will be removed if they do not meet our requirements. All entries are checked for compliance on a regular basis.

Common reasons for listing errors are certain advertising networks used by proxy owners that cause problems for users, and nameservers from non-proxy hosting companies and from some domain registrars. We try to keep our listings free from problems for end users and some page contents can be detrimental for proxy visitors, including but not limited to code and scripts that cause browser errors and/or page loading issues. Some advertising networks are known to use problem causing code, not from the networks themselves usually but from their advertisers. Not all networks check their content properly and malware can be hosted and served up to surfers and we wish to avoid this.

Other reasons include code that is included in the proxy themes but is commented out, so not used, however our script cannot tell what is commented out and not to be displayed from what isn't and is, it just sees the code 'string' and will block it regardless. It is best to remove it altogether and try again, any code that's commented out should be deleted for best results. We're not going to list the code we don't allow, it does change from time to time anyway and we wouldn't want to give away all the clues for potential "ne'er do well's" to get around the blocks. They are there with good reason and the best of intentions so will remain undisclosed.

We also don't allow free domains or sub domains. Sub domains are not good because if and when the main domain is blocked by filters the sub domains will also be blocked becoming useless. Free domains are blocked because an awful lot of them only work for a short time or are used to redirect to spam/parked sites and other proxies likely to be blocked already. Not all are bad by any means, especially the ones using (a good free proxy host), but there are far too many to check individually so it's easier just to block them all. Again it's nothing personal, we do it for operational reasons (and an easy life), sorry.

Adult content of any kind is also something we don't allow at all, under any circumstances. This includes, but is not limited to, adult ads or links or adult themed sites. Our proxy list is seen in workplaces and schools as well as by people of religious persuasions who might be greatly offended so any 'inappropriate content' is disallowed. The same goes for gambling, betting and lotto content, ads or links. Our advertisers also forbid us linking to such content.

If you do have an issue then please do get in touch, we are here to help proxy users and those that want to surf anonymously and privately, that is our goal, but at the same time we do have certain standards in place for the good of those proxy users, they are our visitors and we aim to serve them with the best that is available. We value their custom as well as yours.

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